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Thanks to all who attended

OmaCon 2021!!

Photos by Mike German

Our website is where you will find all the latest Fort Crook IPMS/USA Chapter Information, upcoming events and chapter contacts. IPMS Fort Crook is a club consisting of scale modelers who get together once a month to trade ideas and just have fun. We meet at 6:30 P.M. on the THIRD Wednesday of each month at the NRD Headquarters located at 154th and Giles Road. 


The Next Meeting will be on Wednesday,

November 17th, at 630 PM at the

Papio Natural Resources District (NRD)

located at 8901 S. 154th St in Omaha


Hi everyone,

The next meeting for the Ft. Crook IPMS Chapter is  Wednesday, November 17th , 630 PM, at the Natural Resources District (NRD) Headquarters Building at Wehrspann Lake. 

We will have a demo on using the glue looper.  This product was a game changer in using cyanoacrylate (super glue).  There are different versions.  Scott will bring some scrap plastic, and you can practice using the glue looper.

We will have the Model of the Year contest.  Bring your best model you completed in 2021.  The judging will be done using IMS rules. 
Think of contests we want to have in 2022.  We will vote for the contests we were going to have.  In the list we will have the ones we were supposed to have in 2020. Remember, if you sponsor a contest, you are responsible for providing trophies and/or gift cards.

We will also vote for “Member of the Year”.  We had nominations last month.  They are
Brian Smith, John Lanning, Shaun Landry

We will have a “Works in Progress”, so bring in something you are working on.

Shaun will also have a raffle with some cool kits.,

Scott will also have a Nationals update.

No business meeting this month due to Thanksgiving.

The December Christmas Party/Meeting will be on Wednesday, December 15th at 630 PM at the NRD meeting room.  We will have pizzas brought in along with salad and beverages.  You don’t have to participate in the gift exchange.  You can come for the pizza and camaraderie.
The rules for the gift exchange is as follows:  Buy a kit to bring to the exchange. Wrap it with gift wrapping paper.  Try to buy something good.  Avoid buying Hobby Lobby models, since many of us have them. Also don’t go into your stash and pick a kit that has been a shelf warmer for years.  So, buy a relatively new model kit. A rule of thumb might be to buy a kit of something you would like to build.  I know I like to buy a reasonably priced kit that is new and popular for that time. 

The exchange works like this:  Everyone who brought a kit will get a piece of paper with a number on it.  There will also be a wild card.   We start with number 1.  Number 1 picks a present from the pile, unwraps it and shows everyone.  Then number 2 can either pick a present from the pile or steal number 1’s kit.  If number 2 opts to steal number 1’s kit. Then number 1 has to pick another present from the pile. A model can be stolen only 5 times.  We will have stickers to keep track of the exchanges.  The person with the wild card can strike at any time.  Usually, the wild card holder waits until the end to strike.  The wild card can get a model from the pile or steal any kit, even the one’s that have 5 stickers on them.

The kit exchange is a lot of fun.

Finally here are the new officers for 2022:
President, Shaun Landry
Vice President, Scott Hackney
Treasurer, Brian Smith
Secretary, Don Joy
Contest Director, Steve Lau

That’s all the club news right now.

Your Prez,

Brian Smith


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Next Business Meeting Thursday, December, 30th at  7:00 PM at the Sump Memorial Library, 222 N Jefferson St, Papillion, NE

All Members are welcome and encouraged to attend the business meeting


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