The Next Fort Crook Meeting is
 Wednesday, October 16th


Hi everyone,

The next meeting for the Ft. Crook IPMS Chapter is this Wednesday, October 16th, 630 PM, at the Natural Resources District Headquarters Building at Wehrspann Lake.

This meeting will be devoted to the annual kit auction.  There will be no raffle..

Rules for the auction: You can bring up to 5 individual kits (or books, supplies, etc) or 5 bundles of kits. On the kit, put a label with your name and starting bid. Rule of thumb, keep the starting bid low. If you have something good, the bidding process will bring the price up.  Bids will be in 50 cent increments until we reach a $10 bid.  Then bids will be in increments of at least $1.  The club keeps 10% of the sales.  Don Joy will be tracking the auctions and people will need to settle up with. Don immediately after the auction.

Also at the October meeting we will take nominations for club officers for next year. We will also take nominations for “Member of the Year”.  These will be voted on in the November meeting.

Speaking of November, we will have an active meeting next month. We will have two contests.  The first is “Eastern Front” sponsored by Brian Stanley.  Any model depicting something that was used in the Eastern Front of World War II from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 is acceptable.  The second contest is “The Model of the Year”.  Bring the best model you made in the past year and enter it in the contest.

Speaking of contests, since we will have a busy November meeting, we are going to streamline the selection of contests for next year.  If you have an idea for a contest that you want to sponsor next year, send me an email at with what the contest is you would like to sponsor. I will then post all the proposed contests in the November Prez Says.  Then at the November meeting we will vote on the contests.  You will be able to vote up to 5 times.  We will then pick the top five contests.  Remember when you sponsor a contest, you are responsible for either providing trophies or gift cards. 

Part of the reason we will be streamlining the November meeting, is that we will have a speaker.  The speaker will be George DeWitt, who is the Wing Leader of the Great Plains Wing of the Commemorative Air Force.  He will be talking about the restoration and upkeep of their P-51D “Gunfighter”.  We are going to have George speak first before we conduct the rest of the November meeting. 

Thanks to those that came out to the contest in Liberty, MO last week. Everyone had a good time and Scott and Randy won awards.  My son Ian also won an award in the Juniors category.

Speaking of contests, we are still deciding when and where to hold the next OmaCon.  It may be May 2nd.  Stay tuned.

I cannot be at the meeting on Wednesday, as I will be in central Illinois at a conference.

By the way our next business meeting will be on October 24th, instead of the 31st which is Halloween.  I encourage members to attend the business meeting.

That is al for now.

Your Prez,



The upcoming contests and events are….

Nov. 20th           Eastern Front and Model of the Year

Dec. 18th           Christmas Party and Gift Exchange at Valentino’s

Jan, 15, 2020    Unfinished Symphonies and Cheap Build

Listed below are nearby LOCONS and IPMS Nationals

Oct. 19th          TrailCon, Wichita, KS

April 4th             Surgicon 26, Des Moines, IA





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