Next Regular Fort Crook Meeting Wednesday, October 17th

6:30 P.M. at the NRD Headquarters, 154th & Giles Road


Meeting Kicks Off

Welcome New Modelers and Guests

No October Raffle due to the Annual Kit Auction

Nomination of 2019 Officers

November Spitfire Contest Overview 
    Scott Hackney

Quick 10-Minute Break


Model Kit Auction, yuup, Its that time of the year again…

·   Each member is may bring up to 5 individual models or products or up to 5 lots consisting of 2 to 5-models which must be grouped together as one package.

·   Each group or individual model must have the sellers name and starting bid clearly marked on the item(s)

·   Bids will start on the asking price and proceed in 50-cent increments up to $10 where the bids will become $1.00 increments.

·   At the conclusion of the auction buying and selling members will settle their account.

·   10% of the auction sales will go to the chapter.

Auction: Final Payment and Proceeds

Meeting Adjourns

After meeting get together TBD

Members are invited to an after-meeting get together at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant justoff 144th and I-80


See you at the October Meeting,




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