The Next Fort Crook Meeting is
 Wednesday, November 20th


Hi everyone,

The next meeting for the Ft. Crook IPMS Chapter is this Wednesday, November 20th , 630 PM, at the Natural Resources District Headquarters Building at Wehrspann Lake.

This month we are happy to have Mr. George DeWitt, who is the Wing Leader for the Great Plains Wing of the Commemorative Air Force in Council Bluffs.  George will talk to us about their museum and the P-51 Gunfighter.

There are also two contests in November.  The first is the “Eastern Front” sponsored by Brian Stanley. The guidelines are any model/figure/diorama that has something to do with the "Great Patriotic War", as the Soviets called it, from June 1941 to the end in Berlin 1945!   The second contest is “Model of the Year”  Bring your best model you made in 2019 for this contest.

There will be a raffle with some great kits.

We will have the election for Member of the Year. 

Speaking of elections, the 2020 officers are:

President-Brian Smith

Vice President-Shaun Landry

Treasurer- Scott Hackney

Secretary- Don Joy

There will be no “works in progress” this month.

Here are the contests for 2020.

Paint it Black 50% , anything that is more than 50% painted in black.- Tom Burns

Desert Tracks , is anything that leaves some sort of tracks in the desert sand –Scott Hackney 

In Other Markings , a piece of equipment that was built in one country, but in the markings of another, - John Lanning

Migs , any Mig from Warsaw Pact countries- Maxwell

Victory at Sea, Anything naval related- Steve Lau

Next Month is our Christmas Party and gift exchange.  This wil be held on December 18th, 630 PM at Valentinos , 5022 S. 108th St.  If you are participating in the gift exchange bring a gift wrapped model kit. Try and bring a model kit you would enjoy building… Don’t be a Grinch! Great gifts are model kits of $20.00 or more. We count how many modelers are participating in the gift exchange and put the numbers in a basket and each member draws a number. Starting with number 1 that person opens a wrapped gift. Number 2 can take the gift from number 1 or unwrap a new gift and son on. Opened kits can only be exchanged five times before the last member owns the kit. However, one member will hold a “WILD CARD” which allows that person to choose any kit at anytime and it cannot be taken from them. The exchange will continue until all gifts have been opened.   

On December 13th, there will be a Christmas dinner held at Scott Hackney’s home.  Spouses are also invited to attend. Scott will have more information at the meeting.

On January 15th, we will kick off the new year with two contests , Unfinished Symphonies and the Mike Scholtz memorial “Cheap Build” contest.  Unfinished symphonies is to bring a model you intended to complete for a contest in 2019, but fell short of completion.  The Mike Scholtz cheap build is building a cheap kit and enhancing it with items from your spare parts box or items found around the home.

Also at the January meeting, we will have Jeff Cannon, President and CEO of the SAC Museum as a guest speaker.

See you all Wednesday evening !

Your Prez, Brian



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